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Dessert Table Designs... How Do You Decide?

Things To Keep In Mind:

How much dessert do I need?

 View this example of how it works: If you are not serving cake, most guests will eat 3 pieces of mini desserts on an average. (So a dessert table for 100 @ $8/person would have 300 pieces of desserts.) Now, that's not necessarily 3 pieces of EVERY THING YOU ARE OFFERING. Maybe 75 chocolate covered strawberries, 150 mini-cupcakes, etc., until it totals 300 pieces

Not everyone eats one of everything offered. The larger the variety, the more difficult it is to provide good quantities and keep your pricing under control. Keep it simple in dessert choices, but wow them in the table set-up and presentation!

Not Sure How to Design Your Perfect Table

We Offer You Custom Styling: $250 and up

Custom styling is required for more dramatic dessert tables. This fee includes initial consultation, theme development and the design, creation, print and collection of all visual elements including but not limited to; labels, cards, favors, backdrop, linens/runners, furniture/large display rentals, glassware, floral arrangements/centerpieces, table decor, packaging, etc. This fee allows us to create a table scape that complements your party style and ensures that your display is a unique centerpiece.

Let's Design The Perfect Package

Each package below allows you to customize the dessert bar of your dreams with baked goods, candy, or both! Find the package you feel best suits your needs and then start shopping from our list of custom homemade baked goods and irresistible candy!

How It Works

We offer four different build-your-own packages for our charming dessert bars.

Prices include all plates, platters, jars and scoops needed for the table setup.

Delivery fee's will be applied for Set Up, Break Down and Clean Up.

Not sure how to style your dessert table? A styling option, f starting at $250, may be added in addition to the package cost.

Each package allows you to customize the dessert bar of your dreams with baked goods, candy, or both! Find the package you feel best suits your needs and then start shopping !

**If you don't see a dessert flavor listed we are custom so just ask!  


Gulab Jamun Trifle

Ube Cheese Cake

Saffron Mousse

Calamansi Pie

Black Rum Desserts

Just Ask Us!

We Love To Create!

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Choose Your Package

~Pearl Package - $850: Choose 5

~Ruby Package - $1350: Choose 12

~Emerald Package - $1900: Choose 20

~Diamond Package - $2300: Choose 25

What to Choose?

Take a Look


A Ruby Package (12 choices) might look something like this:

50 Mini Cupcakes (2)

40 Regular Cupcakes (2)

20 Pistachio Macarons         (1 option)

20 Cake Truffles (1)

60 Two-Bite Brownies (2)

24 Pieces of Pink Ribbon Candy (1)

30 Meringue Kisses (1)

4 Pounds of Sage Green M&Ms (1)

20 Chocolate Truffles (1)

**In our experience, guests help themselves to 2-3 baked goods and 1/4 pound of candy.



Custom ~ Crazy ~ Fun Flavors!

Wedding Cookies

*Traditional Brazilian 

  *Traditional Mexican

*Wedding Theme

Can't find what your looking for?   

Just Ask Us!


Be Creative

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Package Dessert Offerings

Choose Your Baked Goods!

50 Mini Cupcakes

20 Mini Cannoli's

20 Mini Butter Pastry Horns

30 Two-Bite Brownies 

30 Two-Bite Blondies

 30 Lemon Bars

30 Two-Bite Cookies

30 Flavored Gelatin

(2 Colors) 

30 Meringue Kisses

25 Mini Dessert Cones

20 Rice Krispy Bars

(Dipped in Chocolate)

20 Cake Truffles -

 20 Cookie Pops

20 Assorted Parfaits

20 Fruit Cups

20 Crème Brulee 

20 French Macaroons’  (1 flavor/color)

20  Bagged Popcorn -(Caramel/Plain/etc.)

20 Regular Cupcakes

30 Mini Tarts

20 two-bite Buttercream Cookie sandwiches

25 Faux Ice Cream Cones

2 Trays Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

20 Slices of Candy Bacon


*Brown Sugar


20 Chocolate Covered


20 Cream Puffs

(Assorted Fillings)

24 Meringues Kisses

20 Ladoo

25 Kaju Katli (Kaju Barfi)

20 Mexican Wedding

Cookies (Pecan Sandies)

20 Kaju Pista Roll

Choose Your Candy

36 dipped pretzel rods

20 Coconut Bon Bons

20 Sangria Bon Bons

20 chocolate truffles

6 pounds of in-house candy

5 pounds of custom color candy

4 pounds of custom colored M&Ms (1 color)

4 pounds of custom color foil wrapped chocolate balls (1 color)

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Dessert Table Pricing

There are so many little details that go into a dessert table, and as well, how much it will cost.

The prices below are a starting point for us to begin working towards your vision for your perfect dessert table. Whether it’s preparing a special family recipe, or hearing about your favorites’ and working it into your theme, let’s make your dream come true!

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Gold Dessert Table

Will include a total of 6 different items making up the table (Starting from $12 per person, with 3 choices per guest, 50 guest minimum)

Choose 4 from SILVER package, and may include up to 2 of the following: Butter-Cream filled meringues, Gelatin Cups, Cake Pops,  Chocolate dipped Strawberries, Faux Ice Cream Cones, Butter Horns, Mini Cheese Cake, Blondie Bites, Cannoli Horns, Dessert Pizza

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Silver Dessert Table

Will include a total of 4 different items making up the table (Starting from $8 per person, with 2 choices per guest; 50 guest minimum)

Choose from: Popcorn (buttered, cheese or caramel); Royal Icing dipped Pretzels to match your event theme; any Cookies, Lemon Bars, piped Meringues, Chocolate drizzled Potato Chips, or Mini Cupcakes,  

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Platinum Dessert Table

Will include a total of 8 different items making up the table (Starting from $16.50 per person, with 4 choices per guest, 50 guest minimum)

Choose 7 from the  "GOLD and SILVER" plan  (5 from "SILVER" list and up to 2 from GOLD list), and may include 1 from the following list: Tarts, Trifle, Mousse, Tiramisu , Macaroons, Crème Brulee, 

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*Prices May vary due to selected flavor and seasonal availability

*Prices include all plates, platters, jars and scoops needed for the table setups

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Cake Dessert Tables

Cake Only Table (not wedding cakes)

Your choice of 5 cakes from the Standard Cake & Cupcake menu, Decorated to coordinate with your wedding colors. 

Small “Cake Only” (serves 20 to 40 guests) – Starts at $450

Medium “Cake Only” (serves 40 to 60 guests) – Starts at $550

Large “Cake Only” (serves 60 to 120 guests) – Starts at $675

Extras & Add Ons

Standard Cupcakes: $42 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Standard Cake Pops: $42 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Macaroons: $46 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Gourmet Design Cookies: $46 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

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